Secure Website

Ways to tell our website is secure:

1) Many people don’t know the most reliable and easiest way of telling that a website is secure, so I’ll teach you. Website addresses typically start with “HTTP”. When an internet user moves through the checkout process, the “http” SHOULD change to “HTTPS” (with an S which stands for “secure”) Our website makes this change. See screenshot below for example.

2) Our website is run on the Shopify platform which is known as being EXCEPTIONALLY secure: Click Here to ready about Shopify security.

3) Your credit card data is not kept or stored by anyone. Even the owner of the website doesn’t have access to your credit card info.

So why don’t websites run their entire site in HTTPS? You “can”, but it slows down connection speed to do so which is typically why websites run their site in HTTP until you get to the checkout process. Most internet users aren’t even aware of the change when it happens, but now that you know, make sure to keep an eye out for it on other sites. To read more about HTTPS security, please Click Here:

Please browse our site and shop with confidence!